RISE adheres to compliance Manual that is designed as a tool to help RISE assess whether its policies and practices are currently in alignment with the Code of Ethics & Conduct for NGOs globally. The Code of Ethics and Conduct for RISE are a set of fundamental principles, operational principles, and standards to guide the actions and management of non-governmental organizations. The Code of Ethics and Conduct for RISE are designed to be broadly applicable to the worldwide NGO community and the CBOs RISE works with. These Policies ensures whether the RISE is a mutual benefit NGO, involving an association concerned with improving the situation of its membership, or a public benefit by working for the improvement of conditions of society as a whole or of a segment of society

RISE strongly believes that every actor operates on the basis of fundamental principles, whether plainly stated or implicitly understood. Further, an examination of organizations that are held in universal esteem reveals a great commonality in these principles. In other words, to a great extent, good NGOs from throughout the world tend to share the same fundamental assumptions or beliefs that make their successful operation possible.

RISE has a number of policies wherein ethical codes of conduct and programme design are enshrined and adhered to. This is focused on the following overarching guiding principle:

Responsibility, Service, respect for human rights and diversity and Public Mindedness Sustainable progress, peace, and justice require that RISE contribute to the common good. Thus, RISE integrate self-development and service to others, promotion of human rights and the oneness of dignity, balancing individual and public concerns, focusing on higher, broader, and more public levels of service.

To institutionalize this ethical code of conduct and respect for human rights, RISE has several Policies which include the following: